What do you mean by ABAP on HANA ?

Meaning of ABAP on HANA


In today’s competitive business world, organizations are striving to improve their operations despite challenges brought about by increasing data volumes. Dealing with this abundance of data makes real-time access for analysis complex, resulting in higher costs for IT companies managing extensive datasets and causing processing delays. To tackle these concerns, ABAP developers need to actively update their code and adopt techniques that align with the requirements of the HANA database.

HANA, known as High-Performance Analytic Appliance, operates as in-memory database, primarily processing and storing data in the computer’s RAM rather than traditional storage methods. This innovative approach accelerates data access and analysis, boosting performance and responsiveness across various applications and tasks.

The integration of the HANA database with ABAP on HANA introduces new programming opportunities within the ABAP language. Developer capabilities are enhanced, allowing for the implementation of more efficient and advanced techniques. This results in improved performance and functionality, ultimately delivering increased benefits for users.

By utilizing the potential of SAP HANA’s Core Data Services (CDS) feature, we are able to construct intricate frameworks for data organization while also smoothly retrieving information from the HANA database. This capability empowers us to handle data efficiently and oversee it within the SAP HANA database, facilitating effective data management and utilization.

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