What does SAP ABAP on HANA’s CDS view mean?

SAP ABAP on HANA is a programming language used for developing applications within the SAP ecosystem. HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is SAP’s in-memory database and computing platform that allows for faster data processing and real-time analytics.

Core Data Services (CDS views) serve as a powerful tool in SAP HANA, simplifying the creation and design of data models. Unlike traditional practices on the application server, CDS allows data models to be defined and used directly on the database server. This Code Pushdown approach introduces a contemporary framework that revitalizes how data is organized and managed within the SAP HANA system. Through this, system performance is enhanced, as data operations are optimized for speed and efficiency.

When discussing “SAP ABAP on HANA’s CDS view,” we’re talking about using Core Data Services (CDS) views in the SAP ABAP development environment. These views offer a framework for creating data structures and relationships between entities in a clear and streamlined fashion. In this scenario, CDS views play a role in defining data models and facilitating access to data stored in the HANA database.

CDS views simplify development by incorporating rules for managing data and producing table views. These views are compatible with openSQL, created using tools like Eclipse Oxygen, and those are being utilized in AMDPs and reports. This collaboration makes data management smoother in SAP HANA, as it employs in-memory processing to create unified models.

The combination of ABAP and HANA’s Core Data Services results in custom database views that precisely fit SAP’s needs.

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